Cuprum oxydatum nigrum

Cuprum oxydatum nigrum

Varma P. N., Indu V., Encyclopedia of Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia


  • Black, fine powder, soluble in dilute acids, practically insoluble in water and in alcohol.
  • Contains not less than 97.0 per cent of CuO calculated with reference to the substance dried to constant weight at 105oC.

Identification: Yields reactions characteristic of copper.


Trituration 1x: Drug strength 1/10, Cuprum oxydatum in fine powder 100 g Saccharum Lactis 900 g

(To make one Kilogramme of the trituration.

Potencies: 2x and higher to be triturated. 6x may be converted to liquid 8x.

Caution: Toxic in low potencies.

Prescribed dose: 4x and higher.

Uses: Worms, including tapeworms and trichinosis.


Schroyens F., Synthesis


  • GENERALS – CONVULSIONS – worms; from
  • GENERALS – TIME table; generalized – 17 h




  • RECTUM – WORMS – complaints of worms
  • RECTUM – WORMS – complaints of worms – tapeworm

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Dewey W. A., Practical Homoeopathic therapeutics
Zopfy in his sixty years’ practice asserts that this remedy will remove all kinds of worms, cure trichinosis, and even tapeworm. He gives it in small doses, about the 1x, in alternation with Nux vomica four or five times a day for four to six weeks, which always suffices to cure tapeworm without causing the patient any inconvenience whatever.

Santwani M. T., Common ailments of children
Cuprum oxydatum nigrum This medicine is especially recommended by Dr Zopfy against tape worms. He asserts that during his 60 years experience he has found this remedy to be excelling in removing all kinds of worms, curing trichinosis and even tape worms. He recommends it to be given in small doses about 1 X, in alternation with Nux vom, 4 or 5 times a day for 4 to 6 weeks.

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    my clinical experiance it very well tackle the colitis all sort of , provided given single daily dose for more ten 3-4 weak.

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