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2014Complementary Therapies in Medicine22(02):333-340Droplet evaporation method as a new potential approach for highlighting the effectiveness of ultra high dilutionsPhysical ModelDroplet evaporation method; Fractal dimension; Fluctuating asymmetry; Wheat seedling growth; Arsenic trioxide; Ultra high dilutions; Polycrystalline structuresLink
2014Homeopathy103(01): 44-50Experimental evidence of stable water nanostructures in extremely dilute solutions, at standard pressure and temperaturePhysical ModelEDS; Homeopathic medicine; Dissipative structures; Conductivity; IR spectroscopy; UV–vis spectroscopy; Fluorescence microscopy; AFMLink
2014Homeopathy103(01): 22-43High-dilution effects revisited. 2. Pharmacodynamic mechanismsReview articleHigh dilutions; Homeopathic potencies; Hormesis; Nanopharmacology; Biophysics; Systems biology; Water clusters; Water coherence domains; Similia ruleLink
2014Homeopathy103(01):04-21High-dilution effects revisited. 1. Physicochemical aspectsReview articleHigh dilutions; Homeopathic potencies; Hormesis; Nanopharmacology; Biophysics; Systems biology; Fractals; Water clusters; Water coherence domainsLink
2014J EthnopharmacolApr 28;153(2):535-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2014.02.048.Effects of Gelsemium sempervirens L. on pathway-focused gene expression profiling in neuronal cells.In vitro
Human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
Anxiety, Cellular models, Gelsemium sempervirens, Gene expression, PK2/PROKR2, SH-SY5Y neurocytesLink
2014Oncology Reports31(4):1589-98. doi: 10.3892/or.2014.2993Contribution of the ROS-p53 feedback loop in thuja-induced apoptosis of mammary epithelial carcinoma cells.In vitroAntitumorigenic activity of thuja, ROS-p53 feedback, apoptosis of mammary epithelial carcinoma cellsLink
2013Journal of Integrative Medicine11(02):116-124Homeopathic mother tincture of Phytolacca
decandra induces apoptosis in skin melanoma
cells by activating caspase-mediated signaling
via reactive oxygen species elevation
In vitroPeripheral blood mononuclear cells;
A375 cells; Phytolacca decandra; skin neoplasms; reactive oxygen species; apoptosis; gene expression
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2013Journal of Pharmaceutics
Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 571464, 6 pagesQuality Assessment of Serially Ultradiluted and Agitated Drug Digitalis purpurea by Emission Spectroscopy and Clinical Analysis of Its Effect on the Heart Rate of Indian Bufo melanostictusBufo melanostictus -In VivoBufo melanostictus, Heart rate, DigitalisPDF
2013J Parasit Dis. Apr;37(1):62-7Effect of artesunate based combination therapy with homeopathic medicine china on
liver and kidney of Plasmodium berghei infected mice.
2013J Complement Integr Med.May 7;10.Antimalarial potential of China 30 and Chelidonium 30 in combination therapy
against lethal rodent malaria parasite: Plasmodium berghei.
2013Altern Ther Health Med19(5):38-43.The effect of a homeopathic complex on psychophysiological onset insomnia in males: a randomized pilot study.HumanPsychophysiological onset insomniaLink
2013BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineSep 21;13(1):230.Calcarea carbonica induces apoptosis in cancer cells in p53-dependent manner via an immuno-modulatory circuit.
In vivo, in vitro
Cancer cell lines
2013Cell Biochemistry and BiophysicsJuly 2013Identification of Unknown Homeopathic Remedies by Delayed LuminescencePhysicalDelayed LuminescenceLink
2013Electromagn Biol Med.epubLike cures like: A neuroimmunological model based on electromagnetic resonance.NeuroimmnologicalElectromagnetic resonanceLink
2013Forsch Komplementmed2013;20:001Homeopathy: Meta-Analyses of Pooled Clinical DataReviewMeta analysesLink
2013Hom102(2):87-105Nanosized solvent superstructures in ultramolecular aqueous dilutions: twenty years' research using water proton NMR relaxationPhysicalNMR relaxationLink
2013Hom102, 160-70Effect of homeopathic preparations of Syzygium
jambolanum and Cephalandra indica on
gastrocnemius muscle of high fat and high
fructose-induced type-2 diabetic rats
RatDiabetes mellitusLink
2013Hom102(1):25-30Replication of an experiment on extremely diluted thyroxine and highland amphibiansAmphibianGrowth rateLink
2013Hom102(1):31-40H3N2 homeopathic influenza virus solution modifies cellular and biochemical aspects of MDCK and J774G8 cell linesMDCK and J774G8 cell linesInfluenza virus alters biochemical aspectLink
2013Hom102(1):41-48Dynamized follicle-stimulating hormone affects the development of ovine preantral follicles cultured in vitroIn vitroSurvival, activation and growth of ovine preantral folliclesLink
2013Hom102(1):49-53Effect of the oral administration homeopathic Arnica montana on mitochondrial oxidative stressRat-MitochondriaMitochondrial oxidative stressLink
2013Hom102(4):274-82Anti-proliferative effects of homeopathic medicines on human kidney, colon and breast cancer cellsIn vitro- Cancer cell linesCancer cytotoxicityLink
2013Hom102(4):248-53Homeopathic Rhus toxicodendron treatment increased the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in primary cultured mouse chondrocytesMouse chondrocytesAnti-inflammatory activities Link
2013IJHDR12(43):44-51High dilutions of homeopathic remedies induce relaxation of rat aorta precontracted with NoradrenalinRatAortic relaxationPDF
2013Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies 19(5):38-43The Potentized Homeopathic Drug, Lycopodium clavatum (5C and 15C) Has Anti-cancer Effect on HeLa Cells In Vitro.In vitro, HeLa cellsCancerLink
2013Journal of Medical FoodDec 10.Eugenia jambolana Pretreatment Prevents Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Damage in Rats: Evidence from Biochemical, Molecular, and Histopathological Studies.Rat, in-vitroMyocardial damagaeLink
2013Mol Cell Biochem382(1-2):173-83Condurango-glycoside-A fraction of Gonolobus condurango induces DNA damage associated senescence and apoptosis via ROS-dependent p53 signalling pathway in HeLa cellsIn vitro, Cervix carcinoma cells (HeLa)Apoptosis of cancer cellsLink
2013Water5, 27-44, May 27th 2013Long Term Order in Infrared Absorption Spectra
of Water Subjected to Weak Electromagnetic Influence
Physical Infrared Absorption SpectraPDF
2013Hom102(4):262-67Dielectric dispersion studies of some potentised homeopathic medicines reveal structured vehiclePhysicalDielectric dispersionLink
2013Hom102(4): 274-82Anti-proliferative effects of homeopathic medicines on human kidney, colon and breast cancer cellsACHN cells (human renal adenocarcinoma), MCF-7 (human breast carcinoma), Madin–Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cellsAnti-proliferative effects, CytotoxicityLink
2013IJHDR12(45):162-67Evidence in support of gene regulatory hypothesis: Gene expression profiling manifests homeopathy effect as more than placeboHeLa cells - gene expression profilingGene regulationLink
2012Hom101(1):57-67Effects of Ignatia amara in mouse behavioural modelsMiceBehaviourLink
2012Hom101(1):68-73Development of broiler chickens after treatment with thymulin 5cH: a zoo technical approachChickenphytohemaglutinin induced inflammation test, histomorphometric analysis of lymphoid organsLink
2012Hom101(1):74-79Lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by activated Cebus apella macrophages treated with a complex homeopathic immune response modifiersIn vivo, ex vitroLymphocyte proliferationLink
2012Hom101(2):92-98Effects of Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblastsIn vitroollagen degradation and MMP activityLink
2012Hom101(2):99-102Effects of two homeopathic complexes on bovine sperm mitochondrial activityIn vitroMitochondrial activityLink
2012Hom101(3):141-146Homeopathic treatment for peripheral nerve regeneration: an experimental study in a rat sciatic nerve transection modelRatNerve regeneration - sciatic nerveLink
2012Hom101(3):147-153Effects of microcurrent application alone or in combination with topical Hypericum perforatum L. and Arnica montana L. on surgically induced wound healing in Wistar ratsRatWound healingLink
2012Hom101(3):154-158Morphometry of white muscle fibers and performance of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings treated with methyltestosterone or a homeopathic complexFishsurvival and muscle fiber hypertrophyLink
2012Hom101(3):165-170Toxicodendron pubescens retains its anti-arthritic efficacy at 1M, 10M and CM homeopathic dilutionsRatArthritisLink
2012Hom101(3):171-174Anxiolytic effect of homeopathic preparation of Pulsatilla nigricans in Swiss albino miceMiceAnxiolytic effectsLink
2012Hom101(3):182-192Nonlinear dynamical systems effects of homeopathic remedies on multiscale entropy and correlation dimension of slow wave sleep EEG in young adults with histories of coffee-induced insomniaHumanSleep PatternLink
2012IJHDR11(38):03-18Lowland amphibians - recalculation of data on effects of diluted thyroxineRana temporariaGrowth effectPDF
2012IJHDR11(38): 33-42Assessment of homeopathic medicine Aconitum napellus in the treatment of anxiety in an animal modelRatAnxietyPDF
2012IJHDR11(41): 216-223Transfer of the anti-alcoholic effect of Nux vomica 200 cH through water from one group of toads to another under alcohol anesthesiaToadAnti alcoholic effectPDF
2012IJHDR11(41): 224-236Antimalarial potential of homeopathic medicines against schizont maturation of Plasmodium berghei in short-term in vitro culturePlasmodium bergheiMalariaPDF
2012J Vector Borne Dis.Jun;49(2):72-7.Antimalarial potential of Nosode 30 and 200 against Plasmodium berghei infection in BALB/c mice.MiceMalariaPDF
2011Hom100(1-2):36-61Biochemical and biological evidence of the activity of high potenciesMalt diastasestarch hydrolysisLink
2011Hom100(3):131-137Modulation of arthritis in rats by Toxicodendron pubescens and its homeopathic dilutionsRatArthritisLink
2011Hom100(3):138-143Anti-asthmatic and anti-anaphylactic activities of Blatta orientalis mother tinctureGuinea pigsAnti asthamatic and anti anaphylactic activitiesLink
2011Hom100(3):187-193An analogy between effects of ultra-low doses of biologically active substances on biological objects and properties of spin supercurrents in superfluid 3He-BPhysical modelSpin supercurrentsLink
2011Hom100(4):203-211Short-term effects of repeated olfactory administration of homeopathic Sulphur or Pulsatilla on electroencephalographic alpha power in healthy young adultsHumanSleep PatternLink
2011Hom100(4):220-227Ultra High Dilution of triiodothyronine modifies cellular apoptosis in Rana catesbeiana tadpole tail in vitroFrog-tadpoleCellular apoptosisLink
2011Hom100(4):228-236Mercurius solubilis: actions on macrophagesIn vitroMacrophage activityLink
2011Hom100(4):237-243Different forms of administration of biotherapy 7dH in mice experimentally infected by Trypanosoma cruzi produce different effectsMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2011Hom100(4):259-263Quasi-quantum model of potentizationPotentizationQuasi quantum, delayed luminescence, reviewLink
2011Hom100(4):288-292Review of the use of high potencies in basic research on homeopathyReviewUse of high potenciesLink
2011IJHDR10(34):04-14Anxiolytic and antidepressive effects of the homeopathic complex Homeo-pax® (pre-clinical study)RatAnxiolytic efffectsPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 73-74Cell alterations induced by a biotherapic for influenzaMDCK cellsInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 75-76Effects of 200cH medications on mice bone marrow cells and macrophages.MiceBone marrow cells and macrophagesPDF
2011IJHDR10(35):91-93Triiodothyronine, diluted according homeopathic techniques, modifies the programmed cell death of tadpole tail’s explantsTadpoleCell deathPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 70-70Inflammation in rats born to mothers treated with dexamethasone 15cH during pregnancy: an immunohistochemical studyRatInflammationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36): 110-114Biotherapic of Trypanosoma cruzi 17x controlled histopathological alterations in mice infected by this protozoonMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):218-219The problem of dose in homeopathy: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicated with arsenicRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):115-118Homeopathy: statistical significance versus the sample size in experiments with Toxoplasma gondiiMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):119-124Biotherapic of Trypanosoma cruzi 17d increases apoptosis in experimentally infected miceMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):125-127Effect of biotherapy T. cruzi 7x in several therapeutic schemes on experimental infection by Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):128-129Evaluation of BALB/c mice behavior and relations to the immune response after treatment with H3N2 homeopathic solutionsMiceHistopathological and behavioral analysesPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):130-133Evaluation of biotherapies T.cruzi 15x, 16x, 17x and “potency chords” in experimental infection by Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):134-137Biotherapic T. cruzi 17DH when continuously used clinically improves mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):138-141Influence of age and ways of treatment in the parasitemia in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi treated with high potency biotherapyMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):101-103Impedance Spectroscopy applied to the study of high dilutions of Lycopodium clavatumPhysicalSpectroscopy-ImpedencePDF
2011IJHDR10(36):142-144In vivo treatment with M8, a highly diluted tinctures complex, reduced the malignancy of a mouse melanoma modelMiceMelanomaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):147-151Effect of 7DH biotherapic of Toxoplasma gondii in mice infected with the protozoanMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):104-107Use of an “electronic tongue” in the assessment of highly diluted systemsPhysicalPatternPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):152-154Treatment with Candida albicans biotherapic influences in vitro fungal adhesion to Ma-104 cellsMa104 cellscandidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):155-157Physical-chemical and microbiological stability of biotherapy Candida albicans RC in different potenciesPhysico-chemicalphysical and microbiological stability of candidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):222-223Microbiological stability of homeopathic medicines using purified water as vehicle.Drug standardizationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):158-162Biotherapic 200 DH reduces cerebral parasitism in mice infected with Toxoplasma gondiiMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):170-171Cellular and biochemical responses induced by Biotherapics prepared from intact influenza A (H3N2) and inactivated influenza A (H3N2) virus at 12x and 30x in the MDCK cells.MDCK cellsInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):172-173In Vitro Effects of Natrum muriaticum in Kidney Cell Lines MDCK and LLC-PK1MDCK, LLC-PK1Viability, morphology and expression of cellPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):177-179Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of homeopathic Candida albicans solutionsIn vitrocandidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):180-182Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of a living nosode compounded with Influenza A virusIn vitroInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):183-193Analysis of in vitro activity of high dilutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. in human melanoma cellsMelanoma cellsInvitro activitiesPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):108-109Evaluation of electrical conductivity, pH and refractive index as physico-chemical parameters for quality control of Aveloz homeopathic solutionsEuphorbia tirucalliPhysicochemical parametersPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):249-252High dilutions of acetone affect the Avena sativa growth in vitroIn vitroAvena sativa growthPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):259-262Isotherapic of Culex on the biological cycle of the mosquito Culex spCulexBiological growthPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):226-228Evaluation of the effect of inactivation by microwave and autoclave in homeopathic medicinesPhysicalEffect of external factorsPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):194-195Effects of thymulin 5cH in granuloma evolution and B1 cell differentiation: an experimental model to understand its biological mechanismsgranuloma experimental modelImmunomodulatory mechanismPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):198-200Mice behavioural models with pooled data analysis of Gelsemium studies and new findings about Ignatia and AconitumMiceBehavioural disordersPDF
2011IJHDR10(37): 299-310Homeopathy emerging as nanomedicinePhysicalNano particlesPDF
2011IJHDR10(37): 325-337Effects of high-dilutions in behavioural models: a commentary on critical issues, from reproducibility to plausibilityReviewBehavioural modelPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):245-248High dilution of Belladonna affect the mycelial growth of Corynespora cassiicola in vitroIn vitroMycelial growth of Coryespora cassiicolaPDF
2011IJHDR10(34):46-64Scientific evidence of the homeopathic epistemological modelReviewPDF
2011IJHDR10(35):78-78Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric studyReviewPDF
2011J Parasit Dis.Oct;35(2):134-9SEM studies on blood cells of Plasmodium berghei infected Balb/c mice treated with artesunate and homeopathic medicine China.MiceMalariaLink
2010Hom99(1):3-14The similia principle: Results obtained in a cellular model systemReviewLink
2010Hom99(1):15-24Enzyme stabilization by glass-derived silicates in glass-exposed aqueous solutionsacetylcholine esteraseSilicate leachingLink
2010Hom99(1):25-36Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric studyReviewFundamental ResearchLink
2010Hom99(1):51-56Basophil models of homeopathy: a sceptical viewReviewBasophil activationLink
2010Hom99(2):99-103Effect of dielectric dispersion on potentised homeopathic medicinesPhysical modelDielectric dispersionLink
2010Hom99(2):104-112Quasi-quantum phenomena: the key to understanding homeopathyReviewQuasi quantumLink
2010Hom99(3):167-176Chelidonium majus 30C and 200C in induced hepato-toxicity in ratsRatHepato toxicityLink
2010Hom99(3):177-182Heparin-binding epidermal growth factor expression in KATO-III cells after Helicobacter pylori stimulation under the influence of strychnos Nux vomica and Calendula officinalisIn vitroEpidermal growth factor - KATO-IIILink
2010Hom99(4):231-242Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspectivePhysical modelNano particlesLink
2010Hom99(4):249-254Homeopathic Symphytum officinale increases removal torque and radiographic bone density around titanium implants in ratsRatBone density in titanium implantsLink
2010Hom99(4):263-270Infection models in basic research on homeopathyReviewInfection modelLink
2010IJHDR9(30): 16-29Putative protective effect of Cadmium chloride high diluted solution on LLC-PK1 cell intoxicated by high concentration of this same metal: an isopathic in vitro assay.LLC PK1 CellIsopathyPDF
2010IJHDR9(31): 63-73Physical chemical and citotoxic evaluation of highly diluted solutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. prepared through the fifty milesimal homeopathic methodEuphorbia tirucalli LElectrical ConductivityPDF
2010IJHDR9(33):128-137The problem of dose in homeopathy: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicated with arsenicRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2010IJHDR9(30): 05-15Designs for research of High Dilutons in animal models: an updateReviewPDF
2009Hom98(1):45-48Lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by activated human macrophages treated with CanovaIn vitroLymphocyte infiltrationLink
2009Hom98(2):83-87Isopathic versus enantiomeric inhibition of U-50488 HCl toxicity – experimental studiesMiceHCL toxicityLink
2009Hom98(2):88-91Dual effect of Toxicodendron pubescens on Carrageenan induced paw edema in ratsRatCarrageenan induced paw edemaLink
2009Hom98(2):92-96Homeopathic treatment for bone regeneration: experimental studyRatMandibular bone repairLink
2009Hom98(3):154-159Immunomodulatory activity of Toxicodendron pubescens in experimental modelsRatImmunomodulationLink
2009Hom98(3):160-164Effect of Mercurius solubilis on the bacteriological response in the alveolitis process in ratsRatAlveolitisLink
2009Hom98(4):186-197Inhibition of basophil activation by histamine: a sensitive and reproducible model for the study of the biological activity of high dilutionsBasophil ActivationHistamin induced basophil activationLink
2009Hom98(4):208-227Assays of homeopathic remedies in rodent behavioural and psychopathological modelsReviewPschopathological modelsLink
2009Hom98(4):228-243Use of homeopathic preparations in experimental studies with healthy plantsReviewPlantsLink
2009Hom98(4):244-266Use of homeopathic preparations in phytopathological models and in field trials: a critical reviewReviewLink
2009Hom98(4):267-279Mice as a model for homeopathy researchReviewMiceLink
2009Hom98(4):280-286The rat in basic therapeutic research in homeopathyReviewRatLink
2009IJHDR8(26): 9-14Study of high dilutions of copaiba oil on inflammatory processRatPaw odema, granuloumatous tissue inductionPDF
2009IJHDR8(26):3-8Effect of Magnesium phosphoricum 12c on sodium dodecylsulphate by 13C nuclear magnetic resonancePhysicalNMRPDF
2009IJHDR8(26):33-39Homeopathic remedies in a semi-intensive alternative system of broiler productionBroiler ProductionPDF
2009IJHDR8(27): 41-44In vitro growth of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from a snow leopard treated with homeopathic and isopathic remedies: a pilot studyIn vitroE Coli growthPDF
2009IJHDR8(28):91-99Anxiolytic effect of the homeopathic complex TepeexRatAnxiolytic efffectsPDF
2009IJHDR8(28): 119-127Evaluation of the effect of different concentrations of Arsenicum album 6cH on intoxicated ratsRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2009IJHDR8(29):146-154High Dilution of Dexamethasone in gestation and fetal development of miceMiceGestation, Fetal developmentPDF
2009IJHDR8(28): 110-118The 2005 Lancet review proved superior quality of homeopathy trials: what's next?ReviewPDF
2009J Inflamm (Lond).Mar 27;6:7Post heat shock tolerance: a neuroimmunological anti-inflammatory phenomenon.Neuroimmnologicalpost-heat shock tolerancLink
2008Hom97(1):3-9The effect of homeopathically prepared thyroxine on highland frogs: influence of electromagnetic fieldsFrogElectromagnetic field effectsLink
2008Hom97(2):59-64Changes of RAPD profile of Trypanosoma cruzi II with Canova and BenznidazoleMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2008Hom97(2):65-69Effects of homeopathy in mice experimentally infected with Trypanosoma cruziMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2008Hom97(3):129-133Electrical impedance and HV plasma images of high dilutions of sodium chloridePhysical modelElectrical impedence, high plama photographLink
2008Hom97(3):134-140Delayed luminescence of high homeopathic potencies on sugar globuliPhysical modelDelayed luminescenceLink
2008Hom97(3):141-144An animal model for the study of Chamomilla in stress and depression: pilot studyMiceExperimental stressLink
2008Hom97(4):196-201A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy comparison of 3C trituration derived and 4C trituration derived remediesPhysical modelNMR SpectroscopyLink
2008IJHDR7(22): 3-6Behavior of rats treated with Rhus toxicodendron 200cHRatBehaviour patternPDF
2008IJHDR7(22): 45Comparative studies of ultra-high dilutions of LiCl: impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range of 1kHz to 13MHzPhysicalSpectroscopy-ImpedencePDF
2008IJHDR7(23); 48-55Kinetic changes in the activity of HR-peroxidase induced by very low doses of phenolPeroxidaseHRP activityPDF
2008IJHDR7(23); 118-119Viscum album citotoxicity in Caco-2 cells (in vitro) analyzed by Dispersive Raman SpectroscopyIn vitroSpectroscopy-RamanPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 132-139High dilutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. (AVELOZ) modify the viability and glycolitic metabolism of cell linesMelanA and MCF7 Cell lineAntitumoral activityPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 122-131Electromagnetic transference of molecular information in garden cress germinationPlantGerminationPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 163Effects of aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts and ultra-highly diluted solutions of Palicourea marcgravii (Rubiaceae) in ratsRatToxicityPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):193-198Effects of High Diluted Solutions of Palicourea marcgravii St Hill in Rats Poisoned by Aqueous Extracts of This PlantRatToxicityPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):174-178Chronic toxicological effects of high diluted solutions of Aveloz (Euphorbia tirucalli L.) on healthy mice: a preliminary studyMiceToxic effectsPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):165-173Modeling Physical-Chemical Properties of High Dilutions: an electrical conductivity studyPhysicalElectrical ConductivityPDF
2008J Altern Complement Med. 1998 Spring;4(1):49-76.Can Biological Activity be Maintained at Ultra-High Dilution? An Overview of Homeopathy, Evidence, and Bayesian PhilosophyReviewHomeopathy, Evidence, and Bayesian PhilosophyLink
2007Hom96(2):95-101In vivo study of the anti-inflammatory effect of Rhus toxicodendronRatAnti Inflammation, carrageenan-induced paw oedemaLink
2007Hom96(3):143-150The Memory of Water: an overview, HomeopathyPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):151-157The history of the Memory of WaterPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):158-162Can water possibly have a memory?Physical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):163-169The ‘Memory of Water’: an almost deciphered enigma. Dissipative structures in extremely dilute aqueous solutionsPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):170-174Can low-temperature thermoluminescence cast light on the nature of ultra-high dilutions?Physical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):175-182The defining role of structure (including epitaxy) in the plausibility of homeopathyPhysical modelEpitaxyLink
2007Hom96(3):183-188Long term structural effects in water: autothixotropy of water and its hysteresisPhysical modelEpitaxyLink
2007Hom96(3):189-195The silica hypothesis for homeopathy: physical chemistryPhysical modelSilica hypothesisLink
2007Hom96(3):196-201The possible role of active oxygen in the Memory of WaterPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):202-208The octave potencies convention: a mathematical model of dilution and succussionPhysical modelOctave potenciesLink
2007Hom96(3):209-219Conspicuous by its absence: the Memory of Water, macro-entanglement, and the possibility of homeopathyPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):220-226The nature of the active ingredient in ultramolecular dilutionsPhysical modelQuantum mechanicsLink
2007Hom96(4):247-251Classification of systems and methods used in biological basic research on homeopathyReviewDatabaseLink
2007Hom96(4):252-257Proving and therapeutic experiments in the HomBRex basic homeopathy research databaseReviewDatabaseLink
2007IJRH1(1):1-8Use of Homoeopathic Drugs as Antifungal Agent for the Protection of Books and Paper Materials
2006Hom95(1):3-8Improvement of flow cytometric analysis of basophil activation inhibition by high histamine dilutions. A novel basophil specific marker: CD 203cBasophil ActivationHistamin induced basophil activationLink
2006Hom95(3):136-143Therapeutic and pathogenetic animal models for Dolichos pruriensRatItching, Skin leisonsLink
2006Hom95(4):223-228Effects of homeopathic medications Eupatorium perfoliatum and Arsenicum album on parasitemia of Plasmodium berghei-infected miceMiceMalariaLink
2006Int J Hyperthermia.22(5):421-31.The effect of post-burn local hyperthermia on the reducing burn injury: the possible role of opioids.BurnPost burn local hyperthermia, similia principleLink
2006Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal V15(3):225-243Homeopathic potencies Identified by a New Magnetic resonance Method: Homeopathy-An Energetic MedicinePhysical Delayed luminescencePDF
2005Hom94(1):26-32Histopathological and immunophenotyping studies on normal and sarcoma 180-bearing mice treated with a complex homeopathic medicationMiceSarcomaLink
2005Hom94(2):86-91Histamine at high dilution reduces spectral density in delta band in sleeping ratsRatSleep PatternLink
2005Hom94(4):229-232Stimulation of bovine sperm mitochondrial activity by homeopathic dilutions of monensinIn vitroSperm Mitochondrial ActivityLink
2005Hom94(4):241-247A new approach to the memory of waterWater Memorybioassay,dinoflagellatesLink
2004Hom93(1):12-16Action of Causticum in inflammatory modelsRatInflammationLink
2004Hom93(2):84-87Anti-inflammatory activity of Arnica montana 6cH: preclinical study in animalsRatInflammationLink
2004Hom93(3):132-137Homeopathically prepared dilution of Rana catesbeiana thyroid glands modifies its rate of metamorphosisFrogMetamorphosisLink
2004Hom93(3):138-143The effect of fluorine and homeopathic medicines in rats fed cariogenic dietRatCariesLink
2004Hom93(3):144-150Permanent physico-chemical properties of extremely diluted aqueous solutions of homeopathic medicinesPhysical modelElectrical conductivityLink
2004Hom93(4):193-198Effect of Atropa belladonna and Echinacea angustifolia in homeopathic dilution on experimental peritonitisRatPeritonitisLink
2004Hom93(4):199-202On the dynamics of water molecules at the protein solute interfacesPhysical modelNMR, X-ray diffractometry and Molecular Dynamics simulationsLink
2003Hom92(1):11-18Influence of the diluent on the effect of highly diluted histamine on basophil activationIn vitroBasophil activationLink
2003Hom92(1):19-29A kinetic approach to caffeine–Coffea cruda interactionRatSleep PatternLink
2003Hom92(1):30-34Mutual information and the homeopathic effectHumanCardiac rhythmLink
2003Hom92(3):145-151What is the therapeutically active ingredient of homeopathic potencies ?Physical modelLink
2002Hom91(2):80-84Comparative effect of Coffea cruda potencies on ratsMiceSleep PatternLink
2002Hom91(4):217-220Potentized Mercuric chloride and Mercuric iodide enhance a-amylase activity in vitroIn vitroAmylase activityLink
2002Hom91(4):221-224On the physical basis of succussionPhysicalRayleigh scatteringLink