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YearJournalVol-PgTitleModel/TypeDetails; keywordsLink
2014J Complement Integr MedJul 19Antiplasmodial potential of homeopathic drugs Chelidonium and nosode against Plasmodium berghei vivo, Plasmodium berghei (P. berghei) infection Plasmodium berghei infection, homeopathy, nosode, malaria, chelidonium Link
2014Complementary Therapies in Medicine22(02):333-340Droplet evaporation method as a new potential approach for highlighting the effectiveness of ultra high dilutionsPhysical ModelDroplet evaporation method; Fractal dimension; Fluctuating asymmetry; Wheat seedling growth; Arsenic trioxide; Ultra high dilutions; Polycrystalline structuresLink
2014Homeopathy103(4):275-284Modulation of inflammation response to murine cutaneous Leishmaniosis by homeopathic medicines: Thymulin 5cH
Balb mice infected with LeishmaniasisLeishmania (L.) amazonensis; Thymulin; Homeopathy; Murine leishmaniasisLink
2014Homeopathy103(03):193-197Geographical and temporal distribution of basic research experiments in homeopathyReviewHomeopathy; Basic research; Database; Fundamental research; Timeline; HistoryLink
2014Homeopathy103(03):186-192Diverse biological effects of electromagnetic-treated waterBiological system - human and plantsMolecular resonance effect technology; Water; Biological effect; PBMC; Soybean; ResazurinLink
2014Homeopathy103(3):143-146The mathematics of dilution
Review Homeopathy; Ultramolecular dilution; Langmuir equation; Surface effects
2014Homeopathy103(2):133-138Anti-rheumatoid and anti-oxidant activity of homeopathic Guaiacum officinale in an animal modelRheumatoid arthritis induced albino ratsGuaiacum; FCA; Arthritis; Interleukins; Anti-oxidantLink
2014Homeopathy103(2):127-132Exploring the effects of homeopathic Apis mellifica preparations on human gene expression profilesRWPE-1 cell line (human immortalized prostate epithelial cells)Apis mellifica; Homeopathic dilutions; Gene expression; InflammationLink
2014Homeopathy103(2):113-126Reproducibility of effects of homeopathically potentised gibberellic acid on the growth of Lemna gibba L. in a randomised and blinded bioassayDuckweed (Lemna gibba L.) growth
2014Homeopathy103(01): 44-50Experimental evidence of stable water nanostructures in extremely dilute solutions, at standard pressure and temperaturePhysical ModelEDS; Homeopathic medicine; Dissipative structures; Conductivity; IR spectroscopy; UV–vis spectroscopy; Fluorescence microscopy; AFMLink
2014Homeopathy103(01): 22-43High-dilution effects revisited. 2. Pharmacodynamic mechanismsReview articleHigh dilutions; Homeopathic potencies; Hormesis; Nanopharmacology; Biophysics; Systems biology; Water clusters; Water coherence domains; Similia ruleLink
2014Homeopathy103(01):04-21High-dilution effects revisited. 1. Physicochemical aspectsReview articleHigh dilutions; Homeopathic potencies; Hormesis; Nanopharmacology; Biophysics; Systems biology; Fractals; Water clusters; Water coherence domainsLink
2014IJHDR13(46):3-12Inter-group Transfer of Anti-alcoholic Effect of Nux vomica 200 CH through the Body of a Live ToadLive toad Nux vomica 200 cH, UV spectra, transmission effect, toads, righting reflexPDF
2014IJRH8(4):209-217Protective role of homoeopathic medicines on cerebral ischaemia in animalsRat; cerebral ischemiaRa, cerebral ischemia, homeopathy, protective rolePDF
2014J EthnopharmacolApr 28;153(2):535-9. doi: 10.1016/j.jep.2014.02.048.Effects of Gelsemium sempervirens L. on pathway-focused gene expression profiling in neuronal cells.In vitro
Human SH-SY5Y neuroblastoma cells
Anxiety, Cellular models, Gelsemium sempervirens, Gene expression, PK2/PROKR2, SH-SY5Y neurocytesLink
2014Oncology Reports31(4):1589-98. doi: 10.3892/or.2014.2993Contribution of the ROS-p53 feedback loop in thuja-induced apoptosis of mammary epithelial carcinoma cells.In vitroAntitumorigenic activity of thuja, ROS-p53 feedback, apoptosis of mammary epithelial carcinoma cellsLink
2014Trends in Molecular Medicine2014;20(11): 599–600Making sense of prior probabilities in researchReviewLink
2013Journal of Integrative Medicine11(02):116-124Homeopathic mother tincture of Phytolacca
decandra induces apoptosis in skin melanoma
cells by activating caspase-mediated signaling
via reactive oxygen species elevation
In vitroPeripheral blood mononuclear cells;
A375 cells; Phytolacca decandra; skin neoplasms; reactive oxygen species; apoptosis; gene expression
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2013Journal of Pharmaceutics
Volume 2013 (2013), Article ID 571464, 6 pagesQuality Assessment of Serially Ultradiluted and Agitated Drug Digitalis purpurea by Emission Spectroscopy and Clinical Analysis of Its Effect on the Heart Rate of Indian Bufo melanostictusBufo melanostictus -In VivoBufo melanostictus, Heart rate, DigitalisPDF
2013J Parasit Dis. Apr;37(1):62-7Effect of artesunate based combination therapy with homeopathic medicine china on
liver and kidney of Plasmodium berghei infected mice.
2013J Complement Integr Med.May 7;10.Antimalarial potential of China 30 and Chelidonium 30 in combination therapy
against lethal rodent malaria parasite: Plasmodium berghei.
2013Altern Ther Health Med19(5):38-43.The effect of a homeopathic complex on psychophysiological onset insomnia in males: a randomized pilot study.HumanPsychophysiological onset insomniaLink
2013BMC Complementary and Alternative MedicineSep 21;13(1):230.Calcarea carbonica induces apoptosis in cancer cells in p53-dependent manner via an immuno-modulatory circuit.
In vivo, in vitro
Cancer cell lines
2013Cell Biochemistry and BiophysicsJuly 2013Identification of Unknown Homeopathic Remedies by Delayed LuminescencePhysicalDelayed LuminescenceLink
2013Electromagn Biol Med.epubLike cures like: A neuroimmunological model based on electromagnetic resonance.NeuroimmnologicalElectromagnetic resonanceLink
2013Forsch Komplementmed2013;20:001Homeopathy: Meta-Analyses of Pooled Clinical DataReviewMeta analysesLink
2013Hom102(2):87-105Nanosized solvent superstructures in ultramolecular aqueous dilutions: twenty years' research using water proton NMR relaxationPhysicalNMR relaxationLink
2013Hom102, 160-70Effect of homeopathic preparations of Syzygium
jambolanum and Cephalandra indica on
gastrocnemius muscle of high fat and high
fructose-induced type-2 diabetic rats
RatDiabetes mellitusLink
2013Hom102(1):25-30Replication of an experiment on extremely diluted thyroxine and highland amphibiansAmphibianGrowth rateLink
2013Hom102(1):31-40H3N2 homeopathic influenza virus solution modifies cellular and biochemical aspects of MDCK and J774G8 cell linesMDCK and J774G8 cell linesInfluenza virus alters biochemical aspectLink
2013Hom102(1):41-48Dynamized follicle-stimulating hormone affects the development of ovine preantral follicles cultured in vitroIn vitroSurvival, activation and growth of ovine preantral folliclesLink
2013Hom102(1):49-53Effect of the oral administration homeopathic Arnica montana on mitochondrial oxidative stressRat-MitochondriaMitochondrial oxidative stressLink
2013Hom102(4):274-82Anti-proliferative effects of homeopathic medicines on human kidney, colon and breast cancer cellsIn vitro- Cancer cell linesCancer cytotoxicityLink
2013Hom102(4):248-53Homeopathic Rhus toxicodendron treatment increased the expression of cyclooxygenase-2 in primary cultured mouse chondrocytesMouse chondrocytesAnti-inflammatory activities Link
2013IJHDR12(43):44-51High dilutions of homeopathic remedies induce relaxation of rat aorta precontracted with NoradrenalinRatAortic relaxationPDF
2013Journal of Acupuncture and Meridian Studies 19(5):38-43The Potentized Homeopathic Drug, Lycopodium clavatum (5C and 15C) Has Anti-cancer Effect on HeLa Cells In Vitro.In vitro, HeLa cellsCancerLink
2013Journal of Medical FoodDec 10.Eugenia jambolana Pretreatment Prevents Isoproterenol-Induced Myocardial Damage in Rats: Evidence from Biochemical, Molecular, and Histopathological Studies.Rat, in-vitroMyocardial damagaeLink
2013Mol Cell Biochem382(1-2):173-83Condurango-glycoside-A fraction of Gonolobus condurango induces DNA damage associated senescence and apoptosis via ROS-dependent p53 signalling pathway in HeLa cellsIn vitro, Cervix carcinoma cells (HeLa)Apoptosis of cancer cellsLink
2013Water5, 27-44, May 27th 2013Long Term Order in Infrared Absorption Spectra
of Water Subjected to Weak Electromagnetic Influence
Physical Infrared Absorption SpectraPDF
2013Hom102(4):262-67Dielectric dispersion studies of some potentised homeopathic medicines reveal structured vehiclePhysicalDielectric dispersionLink
2013Hom102(4): 274-82Anti-proliferative effects of homeopathic medicines on human kidney, colon and breast cancer cellsACHN cells (human renal adenocarcinoma), MCF-7 (human breast carcinoma), Madin–Darby canine kidney (MDCK) cellsAnti-proliferative effects, CytotoxicityLink
2013IJHDR12(45):162-67Evidence in support of gene regulatory hypothesis: Gene expression profiling manifests homeopathy effect as more than placeboHeLa cells - gene expression profilingGene regulationLink
2012Hom101(1):57-67Effects of Ignatia amara in mouse behavioural modelsMiceBehaviourLink
2012Hom101(1):68-73Development of broiler chickens after treatment with thymulin 5cH: a zoo technical approachChickenphytohemaglutinin induced inflammation test, histomorphometric analysis of lymphoid organsLink
2012Hom101(1):74-79Lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by activated Cebus apella macrophages treated with a complex homeopathic immune response modifiersIn vivo, ex vitroLymphocyte proliferationLink
2012Hom101(2):92-98Effects of Calendula officinalis on human gingival fibroblastsIn vitroollagen degradation and MMP activityLink
2012Hom101(2):99-102Effects of two homeopathic complexes on bovine sperm mitochondrial activityIn vitroMitochondrial activityLink
2012Hom101(3):141-146Homeopathic treatment for peripheral nerve regeneration: an experimental study in a rat sciatic nerve transection modelRatNerve regeneration - sciatic nerveLink
2012Hom101(3):147-153Effects of microcurrent application alone or in combination with topical Hypericum perforatum L. and Arnica montana L. on surgically induced wound healing in Wistar ratsRatWound healingLink
2012Hom101(3):154-158Morphometry of white muscle fibers and performance of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) fingerlings treated with methyltestosterone or a homeopathic complexFishsurvival and muscle fiber hypertrophyLink
2012Hom101(3):165-170Toxicodendron pubescens retains its anti-arthritic efficacy at 1M, 10M and CM homeopathic dilutionsRatArthritisLink
2012Hom101(3):171-174Anxiolytic effect of homeopathic preparation of Pulsatilla nigricans in Swiss albino miceMiceAnxiolytic effectsLink
2012Hom101(3):182-192Nonlinear dynamical systems effects of homeopathic remedies on multiscale entropy and correlation dimension of slow wave sleep EEG in young adults with histories of coffee-induced insomniaHumanSleep PatternLink
2012IJHDR11(38):03-18Lowland amphibians - recalculation of data on effects of diluted thyroxineRana temporariaGrowth effectPDF
2012IJHDR11(38): 33-42Assessment of homeopathic medicine Aconitum napellus in the treatment of anxiety in an animal modelRatAnxietyPDF
2012IJHDR11(41): 216-223Transfer of the anti-alcoholic effect of Nux vomica 200 cH through water from one group of toads to another under alcohol anesthesiaToadAnti alcoholic effectPDF
2012IJHDR11(41): 224-236Antimalarial potential of homeopathic medicines against schizont maturation of Plasmodium berghei in short-term in vitro culturePlasmodium bergheiMalariaPDF
2012J Vector Borne Dis.Jun;49(2):72-7.Antimalarial potential of Nosode 30 and 200 against Plasmodium berghei infection in BALB/c mice.MiceMalariaPDF
2011Hom100(1-2):36-61Biochemical and biological evidence of the activity of high potenciesMalt diastasestarch hydrolysisLink
2011Hom100(3):131-137Modulation of arthritis in rats by Toxicodendron pubescens and its homeopathic dilutionsRatArthritisLink
2011Hom100(3):138-143Anti-asthmatic and anti-anaphylactic activities of Blatta orientalis mother tinctureGuinea pigsAnti asthamatic and anti anaphylactic activitiesLink
2011Hom100(3):187-193An analogy between effects of ultra-low doses of biologically active substances on biological objects and properties of spin supercurrents in superfluid 3He-BPhysical modelSpin supercurrentsLink
2011Hom100(4):203-211Short-term effects of repeated olfactory administration of homeopathic Sulphur or Pulsatilla on electroencephalographic alpha power in healthy young adultsHumanSleep PatternLink
2011Hom100(4):220-227Ultra High Dilution of triiodothyronine modifies cellular apoptosis in Rana catesbeiana tadpole tail in vitroFrog-tadpoleCellular apoptosisLink
2011Hom100(4):228-236Mercurius solubilis: actions on macrophagesIn vitroMacrophage activityLink
2011Hom100(4):237-243Different forms of administration of biotherapy 7dH in mice experimentally infected by Trypanosoma cruzi produce different effectsMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2011Hom100(4):259-263Quasi-quantum model of potentizationPotentizationQuasi quantum, delayed luminescence, reviewLink
2011Hom100(4):288-292Review of the use of high potencies in basic research on homeopathyReviewUse of high potenciesLink
2011IJHDR10(34):04-14Anxiolytic and antidepressive effects of the homeopathic complex Homeo-pax® (pre-clinical study)RatAnxiolytic efffectsPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 73-74Cell alterations induced by a biotherapic for influenzaMDCK cellsInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 75-76Effects of 200cH medications on mice bone marrow cells and macrophages.MiceBone marrow cells and macrophagesPDF
2011IJHDR10(35):91-93Triiodothyronine, diluted according homeopathic techniques, modifies the programmed cell death of tadpole tail’s explantsTadpoleCell deathPDF
2011IJHDR10(35): 70-70Inflammation in rats born to mothers treated with dexamethasone 15cH during pregnancy: an immunohistochemical studyRatInflammationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36): 110-114Biotherapic of Trypanosoma cruzi 17x controlled histopathological alterations in mice infected by this protozoonMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):218-219The problem of dose in homeopathy: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicated with arsenicRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):115-118Homeopathy: statistical significance versus the sample size in experiments with Toxoplasma gondiiMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):119-124Biotherapic of Trypanosoma cruzi 17d increases apoptosis in experimentally infected miceMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):125-127Effect of biotherapy T. cruzi 7x in several therapeutic schemes on experimental infection by Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):128-129Evaluation of BALB/c mice behavior and relations to the immune response after treatment with H3N2 homeopathic solutionsMiceHistopathological and behavioral analysesPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):130-133Evaluation of biotherapies T.cruzi 15x, 16x, 17x and “potency chords” in experimental infection by Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):134-137Biotherapic T. cruzi 17DH when continuously used clinically improves mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi.MiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):138-141Influence of age and ways of treatment in the parasitemia in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi treated with high potency biotherapyMiceTrypanosoma cruziPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):101-103Impedance Spectroscopy applied to the study of high dilutions of Lycopodium clavatumPhysicalSpectroscopy-ImpedencePDF
2011IJHDR10(36):142-144In vivo treatment with M8, a highly diluted tinctures complex, reduced the malignancy of a mouse melanoma modelMiceMelanomaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):147-151Effect of 7DH biotherapic of Toxoplasma gondii in mice infected with the protozoanMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):104-107Use of an “electronic tongue” in the assessment of highly diluted systemsPhysicalPatternPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):152-154Treatment with Candida albicans biotherapic influences in vitro fungal adhesion to Ma-104 cellsMa104 cellscandidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):155-157Physical-chemical and microbiological stability of biotherapy Candida albicans RC in different potenciesPhysico-chemicalphysical and microbiological stability of candidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):222-223Microbiological stability of homeopathic medicines using purified water as vehicle.Drug standardizationPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):158-162Biotherapic 200 DH reduces cerebral parasitism in mice infected with Toxoplasma gondiiMiceToxoplasma gondiiPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):170-171Cellular and biochemical responses induced by Biotherapics prepared from intact influenza A (H3N2) and inactivated influenza A (H3N2) virus at 12x and 30x in the MDCK cells.MDCK cellsInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):172-173In Vitro Effects of Natrum muriaticum in Kidney Cell Lines MDCK and LLC-PK1MDCK, LLC-PK1Viability, morphology and expression of cellPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):177-179Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of homeopathic Candida albicans solutionsIn vitrocandidiasisPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):180-182Evaluation of the genotoxic and mutagenic potentials of a living nosode compounded with Influenza A virusIn vitroInfluenzaPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):183-193Analysis of in vitro activity of high dilutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. in human melanoma cellsMelanoma cellsInvitro activitiesPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):108-109Evaluation of electrical conductivity, pH and refractive index as physico-chemical parameters for quality control of Aveloz homeopathic solutionsEuphorbia tirucalliPhysicochemical parametersPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):249-252High dilutions of acetone affect the Avena sativa growth in vitroIn vitroAvena sativa growthPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):259-262Isotherapic of Culex on the biological cycle of the mosquito Culex spCulexBiological growthPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):226-228Evaluation of the effect of inactivation by microwave and autoclave in homeopathic medicinesPhysicalEffect of external factorsPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):194-195Effects of thymulin 5cH in granuloma evolution and B1 cell differentiation: an experimental model to understand its biological mechanismsgranuloma experimental modelImmunomodulatory mechanismPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):198-200Mice behavioural models with pooled data analysis of Gelsemium studies and new findings about Ignatia and AconitumMiceBehavioural disordersPDF
2011IJHDR10(37): 299-310Homeopathy emerging as nanomedicinePhysicalNano particlesPDF
2011IJHDR10(37): 325-337Effects of high-dilutions in behavioural models: a commentary on critical issues, from reproducibility to plausibilityReviewBehavioural modelPDF
2011IJHDR10(36):245-248High dilution of Belladonna affect the mycelial growth of Corynespora cassiicola in vitroIn vitroMycelial growth of Coryespora cassiicolaPDF
2011IJHDR10(34):46-64Scientific evidence of the homeopathic epistemological modelReviewPDF
2011IJHDR10(35):78-78Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric studyReviewPDF
2011J Parasit Dis.Oct;35(2):134-9SEM studies on blood cells of Plasmodium berghei infected Balb/c mice treated with artesunate and homeopathic medicine China.MiceMalariaLink
2010Hom99(1):3-14The similia principle: Results obtained in a cellular model systemReviewLink
2010Hom99(1):15-24Enzyme stabilization by glass-derived silicates in glass-exposed aqueous solutionsacetylcholine esteraseSilicate leachingLink
2010Hom99(1):25-36Repetitions of fundamental research models for homeopathically prepared dilutions beyond 10-23: a bibliometric studyReviewFundamental ResearchLink
2010Hom99(1):51-56Basophil models of homeopathy: a sceptical viewReviewBasophil activationLink
2010Hom99(2):99-103Effect of dielectric dispersion on potentised homeopathic medicinesPhysical modelDielectric dispersionLink
2010Hom99(2):104-112Quasi-quantum phenomena: the key to understanding homeopathyReviewQuasi quantumLink
2010Hom99(3):167-176Chelidonium majus 30C and 200C in induced hepato-toxicity in ratsRatHepato toxicityLink
2010Hom99(3):177-182Heparin-binding epidermal growth factor expression in KATO-III cells after Helicobacter pylori stimulation under the influence of strychnos Nux vomica and Calendula officinalisIn vitroEpidermal growth factor - KATO-IIILink
2010Hom99(4):231-242Extreme homeopathic dilutions retain starting materials: A nanoparticulate perspectivePhysical modelNano particlesLink
2010Hom99(4):249-254Homeopathic Symphytum officinale increases removal torque and radiographic bone density around titanium implants in ratsRatBone density in titanium implantsLink
2010Hom99(4):263-270Infection models in basic research on homeopathyReviewInfection modelLink
2010IJHDR9(30): 16-29Putative protective effect of Cadmium chloride high diluted solution on LLC-PK1 cell intoxicated by high concentration of this same metal: an isopathic in vitro assay.LLC PK1 CellIsopathyPDF
2010IJHDR9(31): 63-73Physical chemical and citotoxic evaluation of highly diluted solutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. prepared through the fifty milesimal homeopathic methodEuphorbia tirucalli LElectrical ConductivityPDF
2010IJHDR9(33):128-137The problem of dose in homeopathy: evaluation of the effect of high dilutions of Arsenicum album 30cH on rats intoxicated with arsenicRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2010IJHDR9(30): 05-15Designs for research of High Dilutons in animal models: an updateReviewPDF
2009Hom98(1):45-48Lymphocyte proliferation stimulated by activated human macrophages treated with CanovaIn vitroLymphocyte infiltrationLink
2009Hom98(2):83-87Isopathic versus enantiomeric inhibition of U-50488 HCl toxicity – experimental studiesMiceHCL toxicityLink
2009Hom98(2):88-91Dual effect of Toxicodendron pubescens on Carrageenan induced paw edema in ratsRatCarrageenan induced paw edemaLink
2009Hom98(2):92-96Homeopathic treatment for bone regeneration: experimental studyRatMandibular bone repairLink
2009Hom98(3):154-159Immunomodulatory activity of Toxicodendron pubescens in experimental modelsRatImmunomodulationLink
2009Hom98(3):160-164Effect of Mercurius solubilis on the bacteriological response in the alveolitis process in ratsRatAlveolitisLink
2009Hom98(4):186-197Inhibition of basophil activation by histamine: a sensitive and reproducible model for the study of the biological activity of high dilutionsBasophil ActivationHistamin induced basophil activationLink
2009Hom98(4):208-227Assays of homeopathic remedies in rodent behavioural and psychopathological modelsReviewPschopathological modelsLink
2009Hom98(4):228-243Use of homeopathic preparations in experimental studies with healthy plantsReviewPlantsLink
2009Hom98(4):244-266Use of homeopathic preparations in phytopathological models and in field trials: a critical reviewReviewLink
2009Hom98(4):267-279Mice as a model for homeopathy researchReviewMiceLink
2009Hom98(4):280-286The rat in basic therapeutic research in homeopathyReviewRatLink
2009IJHDR8(26): 9-14Study of high dilutions of copaiba oil on inflammatory processRatPaw odema, granuloumatous tissue inductionPDF
2009IJHDR8(26):3-8Effect of Magnesium phosphoricum 12c on sodium dodecylsulphate by 13C nuclear magnetic resonancePhysicalNMRPDF
2009IJHDR8(26):33-39Homeopathic remedies in a semi-intensive alternative system of broiler productionBroiler ProductionPDF
2009IJHDR8(27): 41-44In vitro growth of uropathogenic Escherichia coli isolated from a snow leopard treated with homeopathic and isopathic remedies: a pilot studyIn vitroE Coli growthPDF
2009IJHDR8(28):91-99Anxiolytic effect of the homeopathic complex TepeexRatAnxiolytic efffectsPDF
2009IJHDR8(28): 119-127Evaluation of the effect of different concentrations of Arsenicum album 6cH on intoxicated ratsRatArsenic intoxicationPDF
2009IJHDR8(29):146-154High Dilution of Dexamethasone in gestation and fetal development of miceMiceGestation, Fetal developmentPDF
2009IJHDR8(28): 110-118The 2005 Lancet review proved superior quality of homeopathy trials: what's next?ReviewPDF
2009J Inflamm (Lond).Mar 27;6:7Post heat shock tolerance: a neuroimmunological anti-inflammatory phenomenon.Neuroimmnologicalpost-heat shock tolerancLink
2008Hom97(1):3-9The effect of homeopathically prepared thyroxine on highland frogs: influence of electromagnetic fieldsFrogElectromagnetic field effectsLink
2008Hom97(2):59-64Changes of RAPD profile of Trypanosoma cruzi II with Canova and BenznidazoleMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2008Hom97(2):65-69Effects of homeopathy in mice experimentally infected with Trypanosoma cruziMiceTrypanosoma cruziLink
2008Hom97(3):129-133Electrical impedance and HV plasma images of high dilutions of sodium chloridePhysical modelElectrical impedence, high plama photographLink
2008Hom97(3):134-140Delayed luminescence of high homeopathic potencies on sugar globuliPhysical modelDelayed luminescenceLink
2008Hom97(3):141-144An animal model for the study of Chamomilla in stress and depression: pilot studyMiceExperimental stressLink
2008Hom97(4):196-201A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy comparison of 3C trituration derived and 4C trituration derived remediesPhysical modelNMR SpectroscopyLink
2008IJHDR7(22): 3-6Behavior of rats treated with Rhus toxicodendron 200cHRatBehaviour patternPDF
2008IJHDR7(22): 45Comparative studies of ultra-high dilutions of LiCl: impedance spectroscopy in the frequency range of 1kHz to 13MHzPhysicalSpectroscopy-ImpedencePDF
2008IJHDR7(23); 48-55Kinetic changes in the activity of HR-peroxidase induced by very low doses of phenolPeroxidaseHRP activityPDF
2008IJHDR7(23); 118-119Viscum album citotoxicity in Caco-2 cells (in vitro) analyzed by Dispersive Raman SpectroscopyIn vitroSpectroscopy-RamanPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 132-139High dilutions of Euphorbia tirucalli L. (AVELOZ) modify the viability and glycolitic metabolism of cell linesMelanA and MCF7 Cell lineAntitumoral activityPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 122-131Electromagnetic transference of molecular information in garden cress germinationPlantGerminationPDF
2008IJHDR7(24): 163Effects of aqueous and hydroalcoholic extracts and ultra-highly diluted solutions of Palicourea marcgravii (Rubiaceae) in ratsRatToxicityPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):193-198Effects of High Diluted Solutions of Palicourea marcgravii St Hill in Rats Poisoned by Aqueous Extracts of This PlantRatToxicityPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):174-178Chronic toxicological effects of high diluted solutions of Aveloz (Euphorbia tirucalli L.) on healthy mice: a preliminary studyMiceToxic effectsPDF
2008IJHDR7(25):165-173Modeling Physical-Chemical Properties of High Dilutions: an electrical conductivity studyPhysicalElectrical ConductivityPDF
2008J Altern Complement Med. 1998 Spring;4(1):49-76.Can Biological Activity be Maintained at Ultra-High Dilution? An Overview of Homeopathy, Evidence, and Bayesian PhilosophyReviewHomeopathy, Evidence, and Bayesian PhilosophyLink
2007Hom96(2):95-101In vivo study of the anti-inflammatory effect of Rhus toxicodendronRatAnti Inflammation, carrageenan-induced paw oedemaLink
2007Hom96(3):143-150The Memory of Water: an overview, HomeopathyPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):151-157The history of the Memory of WaterPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):158-162Can water possibly have a memory?Physical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):163-169The ‘Memory of Water’: an almost deciphered enigma. Dissipative structures in extremely dilute aqueous solutionsPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):170-174Can low-temperature thermoluminescence cast light on the nature of ultra-high dilutions?Physical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):175-182The defining role of structure (including epitaxy) in the plausibility of homeopathyPhysical modelEpitaxyLink
2007Hom96(3):183-188Long term structural effects in water: autothixotropy of water and its hysteresisPhysical modelEpitaxyLink
2007Hom96(3):189-195The silica hypothesis for homeopathy: physical chemistryPhysical modelSilica hypothesisLink
2007Hom96(3):196-201The possible role of active oxygen in the Memory of WaterPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):202-208The octave potencies convention: a mathematical model of dilution and succussionPhysical modelOctave potenciesLink
2007Hom96(3):209-219Conspicuous by its absence: the Memory of Water, macro-entanglement, and the possibility of homeopathyPhysical modelWater memoryLink
2007Hom96(3):220-226The nature of the active ingredient in ultramolecular dilutionsPhysical modelQuantum mechanicsLink
2007Hom96(4):247-251Classification of systems and methods used in biological basic research on homeopathyReviewDatabaseLink
2007Hom96(4):252-257Proving and therapeutic experiments in the HomBRex basic homeopathy research databaseReviewDatabaseLink
2007IJRH1(1):1-8Use of Homoeopathic Drugs as Antifungal Agent for the Protection of Books and Paper Materials
2006Hom95(1):3-8Improvement of flow cytometric analysis of basophil activation inhibition by high histamine dilutions. A novel basophil specific marker: CD 203cBasophil ActivationHistamin induced basophil activationLink
2006Hom95(3):136-143Therapeutic and pathogenetic animal models for Dolichos pruriensRatItching, Skin leisonsLink
2006Hom95(4):223-228Effects of homeopathic medications Eupatorium perfoliatum and Arsenicum album on parasitemia of Plasmodium berghei-infected miceMiceMalariaLink
2006Int J Hyperthermia.22(5):421-31.The effect of post-burn local hyperthermia on the reducing burn injury: the possible role of opioids.BurnPost burn local hyperthermia, similia principleLink
2006Subtle Energies & Energy Medicine Journal V15(3):225-243Homeopathic potencies Identified by a New Magnetic resonance Method: Homeopathy-An Energetic MedicinePhysical Delayed luminescencePDF
2005Hom94(1):26-32Histopathological and immunophenotyping studies on normal and sarcoma 180-bearing mice treated with a complex homeopathic medicationMiceSarcomaLink
2005Hom94(2):86-91Histamine at high dilution reduces spectral density in delta band in sleeping ratsRatSleep PatternLink
2005Hom94(4):229-232Stimulation of bovine sperm mitochondrial activity by homeopathic dilutions of monensinIn vitroSperm Mitochondrial ActivityLink
2005Hom94(4):241-247A new approach to the memory of waterWater Memorybioassay,dinoflagellatesLink
2004Hom93(1):12-16Action of Causticum in inflammatory modelsRatInflammationLink
2004Hom93(2):84-87Anti-inflammatory activity of Arnica montana 6cH: preclinical study in animalsRatInflammationLink
2004Hom93(3):132-137Homeopathically prepared dilution of Rana catesbeiana thyroid glands modifies its rate of metamorphosisFrogMetamorphosisLink
2004Hom93(3):138-143The effect of fluorine and homeopathic medicines in rats fed cariogenic dietRatCariesLink
2004Hom93(3):144-150Permanent physico-chemical properties of extremely diluted aqueous solutions of homeopathic medicinesPhysical modelElectrical conductivityLink
2004Hom93(4):193-198Effect of Atropa belladonna and Echinacea angustifolia in homeopathic dilution on experimental peritonitisRatPeritonitisLink
2004Hom93(4):199-202On the dynamics of water molecules at the protein solute interfacesPhysical modelNMR, X-ray diffractometry and Molecular Dynamics simulationsLink
2003Hom92(1):11-18Influence of the diluent on the effect of highly diluted histamine on basophil activationIn vitroBasophil activationLink
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