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Year JournalVol-PgTitleDetails/ KeywordsLink
2014J Bioeth Inq.Jul 19.A Gentle Ethical Defence of Homeopathy.BioethicsLink
2014Homeopathy103(03): 208 -212Hahnemann and placeboHahnemann; History of homeopathy; PlaceboLink
2014J Med Biogr2014 Mar 27The four medical theses of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843).Biography of HahnemannLink
2012Homeopathy101(2):129-37The science of high dilutions in historical context.Homeopathic dilutions historyLink
2010Homeopathy99(4):271-7200 years Organon of Medicine - A comparative review of its six editions (1810-1842).Organon of MedicineLink
2007Med Ges Gesch25:181-227.[History of homeopathy in Franconia].History of homeopathyLink
1999Med Ges Gesch18:137-48.[Expulsion from Leipzig? Hahnemann's medical praxis in Leipzig: reasons for transferring to Kothen in 1821 - frequency of patients and polemics].Practice of Hahnmann in LeipzigLink