Dare to be Wise!

Enthusiasm, Effort and Hope!

The Audesapere.in was founded by Dr Saurav Arora in year 2011. It started with a tiny idea of promotion of research and homeopathy, and was formally materialized with as Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy (IPRH). The aim was simple – to disseminate research, enhance awareness, and promote authentic research practices. The foundation ran on a simple philosophy that sharing of knowledge, motivation and resources is necessary for promotion of research in homeopathy.

With growing years and idea grew further. The IPRH was formally registered to a separate domain www.researchinhomeopathy.org, the homeopathic services got a new shape as www.vividhomeopathy.com, and the audesapere.in was put in service the homeopathic fraternity. In the journey various projects gave valuable experiences of failures and success e.g. BeyondAvogadro, Journal of Case Studies in Homeopathy, PHORECISS, Database of Scientific Publications, etc.

Throughout these years, the enthusiasm, efforts and hope were blended with passion, becuase one must dare to be wise!


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