I Support Homeopathy

What is I_Support_Homeopathy

I Support Homeopathy is a symbol of ethusiasm and love towards homeopathy. Started in 2018, it is a global homeopathy awareness campaign to show our unity and support for homeopathy. It is a voice to create an awareness amongst general public regarding homeopathy.

How can isupporthomeopathy

Let us join hands and show our love to Homeopathy

Every year on World Homeopathy Day (ie 10th April), it is requested to,  

  1. Update your social media wall (website/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/etc.) with the hashtag #isupporthomeopathy
  2. Tag your posts, activities, and friends using #isupporthomeopathy
  3. Display the “isupporthomeopathy Banner” at your clinic/workplace and click a pic to upload on social media with the hashtag #isupporthomeopathy (Download the isupporthomeopathy high-resolution image here.)

One hashtag matters when it becomes our collective voice!

Let the World Knows our Love, Passion, and Respect towards Homeopathy

When to post isupporthomeopathy?

10th April – World Homeopathy Day

Who can post isupporthomeopathy?

Everyone! Encourage your friends, family, colleagues, and patients to support this campaign.

How to Keep Updated?

Join the campaign and share it with your friends, family, colleagues, and patients and ask them to post #isupporthomeopathy on 10th April. To keep yourself updated please follow Dr Saurav Arora on FB/Twitter and Instagram pages.

Add isupporthomeopathy to Your Google Calendar

Download the isupporthomeopathy Banner

Share it, Spread it and Let the idea grow!

Join this movement, be a voice and pay a  real tribute to Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy on this World Homeopathy Day. Spread the word to your family/friends/colleagues and patients and ask them to post #isupporthomeopathy on 10th April.

A Global Homeopathy Awareness Campaign by Dr Saurav Arora, Founder – Initiative to Promote Research in Homeopathy, Vivid Homeopathy and audesapere.in. For collaboration and suggestions please write at info@audesapere.in

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